Canara Robeco Income fund

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I am planning to invest 3000/- pm in Canara Robeco Income fund for 3years . Is it a good fund? I choose this fund because it has a good rank at valueresearchonline for  and 7 years.



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  1. Dear Rajan, the merged fund is IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund. Please check the below link.



  2. says:

    This fund is not available for investment.
    ‘As per Sebi circular dated September 13, 2012, pertaining to single plan structure for Mutual Fund schemes, the AMC has decided not to accept any fresh /additional purchases/switch-ins under IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund – Plan A w.e.f. October 1, 2012 ”

    What this means?
    Can you suggest some other fund..?

  3. says:

    Ashal , your comments please!

  4. 3sharad says:

    Hi Rajan,

    You can pick up SBI Dynamic Bond fund or Kotak Bond Fund – Plan A if you are looking in the Income fund category for 2-3 years.

    The analysis is based on detailed dissection of “performance drivers” and not just past performance.
    Our approach is different in the sense that we find the skills and reasons that can drive performance. If the same is visible and performance is explained via the same, the fund has very good chances to perform in future. This is achieved by using advanced tools that till now were accessible to large financial institutions. We aim to empower an individual investor with that in-depth analysis for decision making.
    The analysis is purely based on facts and no subjective opinions are accounted for.

    Feel free to ask for any clarifications.


    [Making the right financial choices]

  5. Dear Rajan, please check the consistency in performance of this fund. You ‘ll get the answer yourself.



  6. says:

    Thanks Ashal,
    How did you arrive at this fund – IDFC Dynamic Fund. I mean what analysis you did?

    thanks again!

  7. Dear Rajan, Canara is not performing off late what it’s used to be. IDFC Dynamic Bond Plan A, should be the fund for you.



  8. says:

    Hi ashal,
    Please suggest which one I should choose?. I want to invest in some debt instrument for short term (3 years).


  9. Dear Rajan, why do you want to invest in an income fund? Please do note, the last 1Y investments i.e. after 2nd year to 3rd year ‘ll be subject to STCGs & taxed as per your slab rate.



  10. Choose a conservative MIP like Reliance MIP (0-15% equity) Expect 7-8% returns not more

    Canara Robeco Income fund is only a 3* fund

    Dont invest in income funds if your time horizon is clear

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