Can we have CIBIL report Free of cost ?

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I just want to know , can we have CIBIL report free of cost or at much cheaper cost, as i will be applying for loan after 2 years so that i can improve my score & get loan without much difficulty…

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  1. rockingguy says:

    According to a report by committee experts at RBI –

    Points #13 (i) and #15 under the head “Executive Summary” and
    Chapter 5 – Credit Information Report – Pricing of CIR and Related Aspects
    states that “customers should be given free copy of their Credit Information Report(s) (CIRs), to help create awareness about the need to have credit discipline”

    They found that credit reports issued in USA are free of cost (once in 12 months) and suggested that same could be applied under our law

    Therefore, it’s possible that CIR’s may be made available for free in coming months after senior RBI panel carefully analyses the suggestions laid down by committee of experts

  2. sharath Mumbai says:

    I don’t think you can get it for free. It costs Rs. 470
    To get hassle free loan in lakhs after 2 years, we can spend this 470 bucks 😀
    Please follow this procedure to get it:

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