Can someone Sell property using WILL ?

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My wife’s grand father has executed and registered an WILL .Below are the points covered in the WILL. Kindly clarify on the queries posted at the bottom.

1. Grandfather had wife, one son and two daughters

2. His wife and son has expired. Two daughters are married and settled.

3. He has an property at Chennai Suburb (land with house) for which he had executed the WILL . As per the will , his daughter-in-law can stay in the property but she cannot mortgage or sell it . After her lifetime, the property would go to her two daughters (his grand daughters)

4. My Mother-in-law is aged and not able to live alone in the house. Hence she wants to provide her share to her daughters through release deed.

5. Can her daughters jointly sell the property. If so what is the procedure for it ?

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