Can one claim Room rent capping from two Health Insurance companies ?

POSTED BY harishj ON February 27, 2014 11:01 am COMMENTS (2)

Let’s say one has 2 health insurances for Rs. 3 lac each with 1% room rent capping. Assume hospitalization incurred with total cost of Rs.2 lac in the category of room rent Rs.5000 per day. One claim is settled cashless and claim paid proportionately (i mean according to Rs. 3000 per day). Can one claim the balance from second policy as the second policy also entails the claim proportionate to Rs.3000 per day rent?

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  1. vishy says:

    I think you can because usually when you have two policies,the medical expenses incurred are proportionately divided between the two companies .You should inform BOTH companies in such cases.So in this case room rent will be divided(2500 each) and treatment costs would be 1 lakh each.
    But before buying any policy,the most important thing is that you disclose information about an existing policy.Also inform the older one about the new one.Else both can reject claims.

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Harish, I do not think you ‘ll get full room rent by claiming from both insurers.



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