Can my father remove my name in property once its executed ?

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Dear Sir,

The said property / flat 1BHK  is situated at Ulhasnagar has been registered in my parents name Joint Owner or co-applicant. My mother expired in 2004 and after her my father, myself (son) and my married sister are there.

Last year i requested for replacing my name with my mother’s name who is the 1st Joint Owner. Myself and my father has signed the Indemnity Bond and sister has given the consent affidavit.

Now, someone has misguided my father and sister and they want reverse their earlier decision of consent. Also, now my father wants to transfer the said property in his name alone and want to throw me, my wife and my two kids away. For your kind information, i am looking after my father, meets all his medical expenditure,  also absorbed a major surgery for him, Paying the House Property Tax, Society Maintenance and so on.

As a legal heir or son where am i standing in front of law. Would my married sister has right to claim, because she has already signed the consent affidavit.

I would be grateful, if you could please advise.



Sai. Iyer

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  1. I have no much idea on this ,. But as far as I understand , once the name is registered , its done . How come your father now change it ? He cant

    However , its better to consult a qualified lawyer on this matter


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