Can I Upgrade term insurance from ICICI to Religare ?

POSTED BY kirubaspace ON July 23, 2014 7:02 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi Geeks,

Currently I have 50 lakhs term insurance(with ICICI) and want to upgrade (1.5 crore).

I see Reliance term life insurance is cheap. My question is,

1) Can Reliance term insurance can be trusted?

2) Should I need to split my 1.5 crore to 2 or 3 insurance companies(suggested by one from policybazaar).

Please help me on this.

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  1. Hemanth Chandra says:

    Religare is a new player…. so they are having less premiums to attract investors….

    If you can believe in them, then only take an insurance from them…. Take from an insurer you are comfortable with…..

    Don’t split term insurance between more companies…. max go till 2 insurance companies…. not more than 2….

    It will be tough (extra burden) for the family to get the money from insurance companies if it is split-ted among more companies…. so stick to max be 2 companies….

    How did you come to the number 1.5 crore ?

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