Can I invest Rs 2 lacs in these 4 ELSS Funds for Tax saving ?

POSTED BY gautham ON October 26, 2014 2:34 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi Financial Gurus,

This financial year i have to invest 2 lakhs in 80C to save tax for myself and my wife. Each year I invest 25K+25K in PPF. So far I have not started investing. Planning to do in SIP from Oct to March 2015. I have shortlisted the below ELSS funds and looking for Direct fund option. Please suggest whether these funds are good to go or any other instrument for tax saving.

Axis Long Term Equity Fund – Direct Plan (G)
Reliance tax saver direct-g
Quantum Tax Saving Fund (G)


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  1. abhinav says:

    Hi Gautam,

    1. No doubt you wish to investment and minimize the risk by investing in 4 funds.

    But please try to do some research (Try instant Xray from Most probably, you will realise that these funds have many stocks in common. So you may not achieve the desirable diversification .

    2. All the four funds which you have selected are among the top performers in their category.


  2. Hemanth says:

    why 4…. and not just ONE or TEN

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