Can I invest lump sum in EPF for this year?

POSTED BY monGenie ON January 28, 2011 4:43 pm COMMENTS (6)

Hi All,

If I could not pass 1L limit for this year and there is still remained 57,972 to save !!!

So, I choose to take a Mutual Fund SIP for Feb-Mar of lets say 5000 pm in HDFC Tax Saver. But it would just exhaust 10K out of 57,972.

CanI invest these (57,972-10,000 = ) 47972 in EPF as lump sum rather than FD?

Please suggest.




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  1. prabeesh says:

    I would say just go ahead will ELSS as it will very good weaks for investment and if you cant thru any automated way you can just login to the mutual fund online portal and make net transfer of the amount you think weekly

    Since ELSS is 3 year lock in the OMG feeling which u might get will actually benefit in that long run 🙂

  2. Kalyani Tiwari says:

    I know…

    But, I am not sure whether I can do weekly SIP only until 47,972 are exhausted and that to only for this year.

    any idea?

    Is it too much to expect as an investor from Mutual Fund? I am afraid.


    1. Kalyani

      If you do weekly SIP of 6250 , you can exhaust all your money in this year before Apr , just check if your mutual funds provide that facility or not . Keep an eye on markets these days , it can give you some “OMG” feelings


  3. prabeesh says:

    Why not a Weekly SIP of 10000 in HDFC Tax saver itself. Or you dont want to that much in ELSS?

    I see it might be good weeks for investment for next few months!

  4. Kalyani

    Extra investment in EPF is called voluantary PF , you can increase your default limit which would mean more money will go in your EPF , but I dont think so you can invest in it seperately . WHy dont you do a lumpsum in Tax saving funds ,but that would be alittle risky


  5. Irshad says:

    You can invest upto 70K in PPF. For extra contribution to EPF check with your employer.

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