Can I get Personal Loan for 3-4 yrs ?

POSTED BY AvinashKSMG ON November 12, 2014 10:58 am COMMENTS (3)


I have net salary of 32744 p.m working with current company for 2 years and total work experience more than 4 years. My residence is in Noida with parents paying no EMIS on any other loans.

My Credit Score is 690.

Can i get a loan of 1.5 lakhs with tenure 3-4 years?

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  1. Lokesh Jain says:

    Hi Avinash,

    Kindly check why your score is low. Had you taken any loans in past or overdues on Credit card which would have affected your score. Get your CIBIL score at . Check all details for the loan pertain to you in cibil report mentioned correct or not. Also if any overdues or default on any previous loan, explain to the bank why it happened.

    Also if no loan was there, or you did not have any overdue, you can raise the same to CIBIL.

    This might improve your chances, but not guarantee a loan.

    Lokesh Jain

  2. AvinashKSMG says:

    Yes I tried that.. But wasn’t approved. Have applied in another bank as well.

  3. Hemanth says:

    Try with the bank that you have salary account. Credit score is bit low…. But, I think you will get the personal loan.

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