Can I get a personal loan with Credit Score 711 ?

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My monthly take home is 75K and EMI’s I’m paying is 13k. Among them I have one educational loan which is usually paid by my parents. I was paying this loan from last 3 years and this loan was never reported in CIR till Dec-2013. This loan is taken in my home town and my parents are paying this loan. But for few months they paid this loan after due date and it impacted my score to have fallen from 762 to 711. I’ve checked this loan reporting in my later CIBIl report.

Now I’m looking for a personal loan. Is it possible to get a personal loan with 711 score being my monthly take home : 75K

total EMI’ s paid is 13k and I have two credit cards with no outstanding. Please advice how can this be taken forward.




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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Yashwanth, to be on safer side, let the score improve. Then only apply for any new loan.



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