Can I exceed Rs 1,00,000 contribution in our PPF accounts ?

POSTED BY spguptahyd ON September 29, 2013 8:54 am COMMENTS (2)

I and my wife have two separate PPF accounts.I am entitled to claim deduction under sec 80C contribution to my account and in my wife’s ppf a/c upto Rs 100000/ max.These subscrption/contribution is being paid from my Pension account which is joint a/c with my wife.

Can this contribution exceed Rs100000/ by design or by accident. Ofcourse i claim only Rs100000/only in my return.My wife is a house wife and no IT assesse. Please reply.

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear SPGUPATA, yes you can deposit in both PPF accounts and still earn interest on both accounts. Husband can invest in wife’s account even after exhausting his own limit and vice verse.



  2. Pradeep.P.Kavi says:

    Even if your contribution exceeds Rs.1 lakh in a FY, the excess you deposit after Rs.1 lakh will not be considered for calculation of interest.
    It is just like depositing money without any interest.

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