can i convert savings max account in hdfc bank to salary account?

POSTED BY Yogesh Mantri ON April 24, 2012 2:32 pm COMMENTS (8)

can i convert savings max account in hdfc bank to salary account?
And if yes, what will be the minimum balance needed to be maintained? (25000 or ZERO balance) ?

Thanks in advance for your replies..

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  1. Dhrutisundarmalu says:

    Hi my name is dhruti sundar my HDFC BANK acc is -ve 3,700.00 but i want to convert into salary acc can u plz help me how to waiver of my -ve bal ,if not possible plz conses the amt….

    1. Hi Dhrutisundarmalu

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  2. Akram says:

    Hi All, I want to convert my saving account in to salary which was earlier a salary account and now again I want to convert it , and since last 1 year my account mode is saving and i had 0 Rs in my account during this periode and now when I want to convert it to salary account shall I have to pay any penalty or will it be free of cost? please suggest exprcting a practical answer.

    1. Jaan says:

      Akram bhai.You need to consult the Bank Relationship manager.
      1.Submit a copy your current company ID card.
      2.Copy of your appointment letter issued by your current employer to the bank.

      That’s it…!!!!

    2. Jaan says:

      3.Yes, you shall be charged penalty for non maintenance.

  3. Dear Ykmantri, the conversion is possible only if your employer is ready to credit your salary in to your HDFC bank account.



  4. Yes there is possibility. You need to get in touch with your relationship manager.
    He will let you know the procedure. Further as KK said, it also depends on what type of agreement your company has with HDFC also matters. If they have an agreement to upgrate exising HDFC account to salary account then your account will be converted to salary account.

    Most of the salary acount come with 0 balance

  5. KKVP1984 says:

    Hi ykmantri,

    It depends on many factors! If your employer has tie-up with HDFC, then you could convert it to as Salary account. For minimum balance, it depends on your employer and how long you hold that account.

    Hope this helps!


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