Can I claim Property Tax paid for past 3 yrs as Standard Deduction ?

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I’ve given my flat on rent & didn’t receive any property tax statement for my flat from past 3 years, now I came to know that the outstanding in my account is over 14000 (for the past 3 years). Can I claim this entire amount as an outstanding against the Standard deduction calculations for the rent? Or is the SD capped for maximum of 30% of rent received?



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  1. vphonsa says:

    Thanks Ashal, this was helpful!

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Roshan, for self occupied property, no Standard deduction, no property tax adjustment. 🙂



  3. roshan says:

    Hello ashal,

    Can property tax be claimed as standard deduction for self occupied house?


  4. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vishal, property tax is to be claimed separately from std. deduction. So in the current year. Let’s say your gross rental income is 120000 Rs. then your rental income for tax ‘ll be like this.

    Gross rental income = 120000
    Property Tax paid to municipal authorities = 14000
    Net Rental income = Gross – property tax = 120000 – 14000 = 106000
    Std. deduction on net rental income = 30% of NRI = 31800 Rs.
    Hence income from house property = NRI – (Std. deduction + home loan interest if any)



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