Can an NRI/Future foreign citizen enjoy the benefits after maturity of existing LIC

POSTED BY vvasireddy9 ON September 5, 2014 4:25 pm NO COMMENTS

I am currently an NRI working in USA. I got enrolled in to an LIC policy called Jeevan Tarang during my last trip to India. I love this policy as it provides security to my family, bonus at maturity and also helps during my retirement through survival benefits which pays yearly 5.5% of the sum insured after maturity.

I am now planning to become a permanent resident here in USA, may be a citizen of US in the future. Considering I am a permanent resident/Citizen of USA at the time of LIC policy maturity, would I still be able to get the bonus at maturity? Would I be eligible to enjoy the yearly survival benefits of this policy?

I asked the same questions to the LIC representative over phone few days back and she said “Yes” for both my questions. I am still concerned if LIC would give me hard time in terms of any documentation or any other things I may not be aware of or any change in rules/terms that may stop me from getting benefited from the LIC maturity and survival benefits.

I hate to surrender the policy now as I would lose the two premiums I paid so far, at the same time I don’t want to pay future premiums if I see any possibility of not being able to get the benefits in the future.

I see some uncertainty in my case and like to know from this forum if any of you went through/seen similar scenarios. Any advice is appreciated.


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