Can a home loan get rejected, if I apply jointly with my wife ?

POSTED BY Anuragc ON November 6, 2014 11:24 am COMMENTS (2)

Hi Manish, I have settled couple of credit cards in last years and my CIBIL score is NA. My wife has never taken any loan and is clear. She is a government employee. I want to know if my wife applies for a home loan and i also applies along with her(Jointly),are there any chances of loan rejection. Please guide.

Regards, Anurag Chaturvedi

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  1. AmritBajaj says:

    Nope. Your wife would be co-applicant in this case and you have to show her name in property too. I suggest you take home loan services from Credit Nation. This is an online market place which deals with various banks and financial institution and provide the best comparison so that one can chose the top quote and get the best home loan deal available in the market. I think such portals are of great help in such cases. Hope it helps. .

  2. Credexpert says:

    Dear Sir,

    A Score of “NA” or “NH” is not a bad thing at all. These mean that you do not have a credit history or you do not have enough of a credit history to be scored or you do not have any credit activity in the last couple of years or you have all add-on credit cards and have no credit exposure. Considering this, you can apply as a co-applicant along with your wife for the home loan.

    However, “Settled” accounts are viewed negatively by banks since it indicates your inability to repay and can hinder any of your future loan applications.


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