Calls from IRDA for help in bonus claim

POSTED BY AS Rawat ON April 18, 2013 11:05 am COMMENTS (4)

I have read several posts in this forum about calls purported to be from IRDA for bonus claim but no results. I got a call from somebody purporting to be calling from IRDA, Hyderabad that additional bonus for one of my policy with HDFCSLIC was lying with PNB Metlife and was not being released on the pretext of my details not being in their record. He assured to get it released if I could take a policy from PNB Metlife so that my details could get entered in their system.

The person identified himself as Aniruddha Oberoi and gave his contact numbers as 08505808468 and 08826981337. He advised that somebody from PNB Metlife would contact but not to reveal that I wanted policy to get bonus released. 
Within hours I got a call from Mr. Pavan Sharma from Noida Branch of PNB Metlife who later visited me to discuss and sell a policy.
Now, I wonder –
a. Is the additional bonus promise from Mr. Aniruddha Oberoi is real?
b. Is he really from IRDA ? One of the numbers he gave is of IRDA office.
c. As official from PNB Metlife turned up, is the company using coercive tactics to sell policies?
d. Is this a fraud or should I go ahead as government agency and public sector insurer is involved?
Kindly advise.

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  1. Bhanu Prakash says:

    yes. its fraud call. I had reported about this as well to ICICI.

    New kind of call is coming nowdays.. calling xyz from investigation depart.. do u use credit card and bla bla….


  2. Dear A S Rawat, in simple words it’s a plain fraud. Still if you want to burn your fingers, please go ahead if not burnt already. 🙂



  3. It is a fraud. IRDA never interacts with insurance customers unless you have written to them about something.

  4. Ramesh says:

    I really mean .. What?

    If you want a have a new policy, please go ahead and buy one. Period.

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