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I have no sentiment of buying a home. But considering the society, which gives value to me if I have a home, Iam thinking to buy home. (may be useful for valuation of my child at the time of his marriage)
But in investment point of view, I want to know whether it is good decision?
I have to stop my SIPs to pay EMIs, if I took home loan
My savings portion will fall down.
Ofcourse I will get tax Benefits (Iam in 10% slab)
I will give any additional details, if required
Request your advice

Thank You
R Siva Prasad

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  1. Dear Siva, please feel free to post your queries here. All of us ‘ll be more than happy to help you.



  2. Hi Ashal,

    Thank you for your conclusion.

    Now I got confidence that Iam right.

    Thank You
    R Siva Prasad

  3. Dear Siva, as you are asking specifically for investment purpose, NO, the house buying decision is not a good one. Also for the associated tax benefit on home loan as you are in 10% slab as on date the relative tax benefit is almost negligible to you. For the full 1.5L Rs. limit of interest for a self occupied, your tax saving ‘ll be merely 15450 Rs.

    On the other hand, if you are not investing in a house & keep investing in your SIPs, you practically have around 134550 Rs. to invest in. i.e. almost 11200 Rs. per month. Over a 20Y period, this 11200 Rs. mly invest ‘ll grow in to a big corpus of 1.1C Rs. for 12% yly growth rate.



  4. A cover over the head is a MUST for everyone. Actually – psychologically – whether one agrees with this or not – A home is the ultimate haven. Also you wont ever fret that the value of you home fell by Rs.20 per suare feet any day in your life – unlike what happens to your stock portfolio!

    I dont have the link off-hand but in a research in the US over 30 years [1972-2002] it was found home owners have outperformed the investment performance of renters over a long run. There is no direct conclusion but an indirect conclusion is that owning a home gives that stability in life to make better thought about decisions in some sense. [Also you MUST read One up on the Wall Street by Peter Lynch].

    It is a difficult choice if you have to forego MF investments altogether. Would a choice of a smaller home put some money into your pockets for SIP – if so I would buy a smaller house. Perhaps you can put off that home buying decision by 3-5 years and createS SIPs to fund the down payment? Perhaps search for a job that pays more? Or perhaps increase your skill set to land a higher paying job?

    My recommendation: Dont take your eyes off that goal of owning a home. Just delay the purchase if need be BUT dont lose sight.

  5. Ramesh says:

    If you are one of the few who derive their own worth by ‘abnormal’ values, welcome to minority. Always remember ‘kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kahana…’

    Investment-wise, you are correct in thinking that buying a house is not a good deal because of the opaque process.

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