Buying Diamond jewelry!!!

POSTED BY Pradeep Borah ON September 6, 2011 4:47 pm ONE COMMENT

In year 2000 – 2005 , I had purchased diamond jewelry from Tanishq, Gili and other reputed local jewelers. However I have later realize that I have done a big mistake buying diamonds from Gili and local reputed jewelers. The reason because non-appreciation of diamond value. Only from Tanishq I will get the appreciated value of diamond, where as reputed local jewelry promised me 100% moneyback of the buying cost of diamond, which is again loss for me if I sell it off today. Whereas Gili (Carbon etc) jewelry is the worst , where I will get only the 75% of the buying value and no jewelers buy back gili diamonds. So guys beware buying diamond jewelry and do ask jewelery about the appreciation and buyback policy.

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  1. Pradeep

    I never knew that you dont get the actual cost of diamond at the time of selling .. thanks for the info !


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