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I am looking to buy a term insurance and a medical insurance. In addition, I also wanted to go for an accident insurance and a critical illness insurance. They are available as both a rider on term/medical insurance or are available as separate policies in their own right. I have heard that taking a separate insurance is better instead of riders. Can you please confirm if this is correct along with the reasons/examples.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. healthinsuranceshoppe says:

    I am not denying it, But in most cases CI product is very costly at higher age and probability of its usage is very less given that there are so many illnesses which are not covered.

    Initially Super top is recommended and if client is wealthy enough , he can invest on CI policy

  2. healthinsuranceshoppe says:

    Dear Rajat,

    Pls find below the answers as per each query.

    Term insurance and medical insurance are different product , so focus separately on them

    Buy accident insurance from a general insurance company as they easily offer cover in crores of rupee , whereas life insurance companies does not offer covers beyond the term plan cover.

    Dont buy a critical illness rider or policy, Instead go for a super topup policy which works in case of hospitalization in any case. (whereas Critical illness rider works for specific illness).

    I will not recommend a rider as once you start with a rider, you cannot enhance or reduce it in future. That means, no alteration is possible.

    You can visit us at or

    1. Critical illness insurance and super top-up are completely different products.

      Not all critical illnesses require hospitalization. CI insurance is to cover potential loss of income due to CI

  3. Sarav says:

    Hi Ashal,

    I have read few threads regarding term plan and AI where in, manish has suggested to get term plan and AI separate in one of the query. But is the merits and demerits of going with collective plan and seperate plan.

    any thoughts?


  4. Dear Rajat, please read some past queries here in the forum. The merits of separate policies are already discussed so many times in the past.



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