This is regarding purchasing a property in Mehrauli. I had chosen to buy a builder flat in mehrauli on Dec 30, 2011. After checking and verifying the property documents, I paid the builder 4.5 lakhs in first week of january 2012. The total cost of the flat was decided as 18.6 lakhs and rest amount I had agreed to pay after getting my home loan approved. The builder had said that he deals with home loan and will get it done for me. The sale agreement was executed and date was given as 3rd of march for final payment. He took all the required papers and asked for one and half month time for home loan completion. I used to call him every 3-4 days to know the progress of loan.he kept telling that process is going on few more days remaining.After the fixed time frame I enquired and he used to tell me few more problems are there and we are sorting out.but till march 2012 nothing has happened. I asked him to refund my money as I was no longer interested to buy he property seeing his nature. So he gave me check of my amount but told me to wait for another 15 days,work will be done. Now I am talking with bank person whom he has apponted for my home loan and that person is also telling to wait for few more days as the file is in different banks.Till now nothing has happened.My loan has not yet approved.and my money is remaining with him. Pl suggest what should I do.

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  1. Dear Kalpana, why are you not going to bank of your choice? Please call your builder, collect all the related papers from him & put up your file with the bank you are comfortable with.



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