BSE/NSE Difference

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Can someone explain BSE/NSE difference,is it just another exchange or is there a fundamental difference?

If i decide to buy a stock i can from BSE/NSE which one to choose and on what basis?.


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  1. Kiran Srirama says:

    To specifically answer the question, NSE and BSE are 2 exchanges. It’s like 2 shops, you may get something cheaper in one of the shops at some point of time, but most of the times the difference is very nominal.

  2. Prabeesh

    yes there is difference .

    The main difference is the way INDEX value is calculated, the algorithim for both INDEX is different and NIFTY is said to be a better repersentation of the over all situation going in the market , however SENSEX is not that bad , but NIFTY is marginally better 🙂

    Apart from this NSE is a bigger exchange and also allows trading in Futures and options which makes it a more matured market to deal into .


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