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POSTED BY Viswanath ON October 12, 2010 3:34 pm COMMENTS (3)

Which brokerage’s report / call is very accurate? Every brokerage is now coming with a call. Based on everybody’s experience whose call is very good?

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  1. Jagadees says:

    generally i would advise not to go for the brokerage report. better follow do it yourself method. following link will expose the double standard of one of the indian retail brokerages –

  2. Rajendran says:

    I am not sure about Brokerage Reports… Personally I admire Amreesh Baliga of Karvy. His contrarian view on most the stocks proved to be correct. I still remember that he is the only one who was advising to buy Bharti when it was around 280 odd level when everyone has written off the telo company.

    There is another guy called Prasad Kushe, Tech Analyst. He would give recommendation on target, stop loss along with the time range. I haven’t seen much folks giving recoommendation with time range.

    Anyone knows any blog which tracks Amreesh Baliga recommendations? Thanks.

  3. There is no way to check these reports. I remember in 2007-end & beginning of 2008, every broker & so called expert on CNBC were giving number of names to buy. But no one suggested to exit from stock market & sit on cash.

    If you’ve knowledge of stock market, go ahead. But don’t trust these brokers blindly.

    Other way is just go for mutual funds.

    Hope it will help you.

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