Broker insisting in taking home loan only with some private home finance company.

POSTED BY Rakesh ON October 22, 2012 3:55 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi Manish,
I made progress with buying a flat, I gave 25,000 + 3,25,000 as advance and during loan processing.

The builder arranged the loan with a private home finance limited. I heard from lot of friends not to go ahead with the home finance company due to lot of complaints.

I told builder that I want to try the Government banks, But he bacame very frustrated for no reason. He told he cannot wait for 2 months for the loan to sanction and things like that.

My flat is on 6th floor, The top most floor, I suspect that my floor does NOT have approval, In this case how can I find this out?

Now the builder not returning my hard earned money, Can you advice the legal options?

Rakesh Kumar

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  1. Rakesh says:

    Hi Ashal, Manish,
    Thank you for your replies… I did not end up in buying the property…. The builder returned 1 Lakh less! I end up as a fool! Anyways my experience will be a lesson for me and everyone.

    Manish if you could write an article as what are the things that need to be done before buying a flat/individual house when you have some spare time… It would be helpful for everyone.

    Rakesh R

  2. Dear Rakesh, please ask the copy of all the property documents from the builder & get an opinion from an advocate in your area on the same. Even you can contact the panel lawyer of your bank where you do have your salary account. Any thing can be said & done only after getting this clarification from an advocate regarding your property.



  3. I am not sure how can you check this “AFTER” paying the money ? Is’nt this to be checked earlier ? I am sure you have not looked at the approval documents etc which says how many floors are allowed .

    First point is tell him that you can not go with private company , not matter what.What can a builder do in this case ? He cant do much . You can always get a lawyer and really file the case against him , not just threaten him .

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