Books on basics of investing in stock markets

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Hi guys,
query1:Can u please suggest some books on basics of investing in stock markets with indian context.
query2:I heard that Intelligent investor is a very good book,but i want to know if it can understood by beginners like me and i dont know if the book will be useful from an indian context.
thanks in advance..

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  1. One of the books you can read is from Parag Parikh on Investor’s behavioural reactions .


  2. Hi – I think you already have the answer with you. The Intelligent Investor is by far the best book to start the foray in stock market. It is written about US markets but is applicable in any country because human nature – greed and hope – is the same everywhere – which is what drives the markets!! This is not technical at all and uses very simple multiples like PE PB etc.The book appears very boring in the beginning but trust me – you will come out as a better investor in the end.

    Another one is ‘One up on the Wall Street’ by Peter Lynch.

    Both these treat the investment in the market in very simple terms. As I said these are universal facts surrounding markets so will work in every scenario!

    1. vj-manutdfan says:

      Thanks a lot for the useful info

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