Between Large cap vs diversified eq funds.

POSTED BY Dev ON May 17, 2013 12:24 pm COMMENTS (7)

Query 1:

Planning to start SIP for the below funds with amount of RS 5 K each .(total 10k) and duration will be around10 years.

 Franklin india Bluechip

Quantum Long Term Eq.

I am expecting some more bulk funds like 50k – 1L in near future. My query is can i go ahead and invest the surplus in this two funds. whether i should check  market and NAV is low and buy the units or Simply purchase whenever i will get surplus amount.

Because i am in confusion between this SIP and lumpsum investment goes in single time frame or have to wait and split the Lumpsum to SIP mode.


Query 2 :

  When i was searching Diversfied Eq mutual funds in moneycontrol. i am not getting the above funds in the list. Really i am not sure how this above funds differ from diversified EQ funds.   These 2 funds was mostly recommended by experts/websites.

Reliance Equity Oppor – is Diversfied fund, but when i see their portfolio, the way the sectors are invested in same like the above two large cap funds.

So please explain between Large cap vs diversified eq funds. 


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  1. Anshuk Jain says:

    Don’t go for lumpsum investment. Very risky. Divide the amount in 5-6 monthly instalments

  2. Dear Dev, Ok I got it. As per Moneycontrol, the Eq. diversified is what i’m telling as multicap. I.e. fund ‘ll invest in large, mid as well as small caps.



  3. bharat shah says:

    i suggest you to refer’’ and ‘’ sights for indian mutual funds.

  4. Dev says:

    Yes i am confused when i checking moneycontrol to compare these 2 below funds , Fund class was mentioned as Large Cap and Diversified Eq. So i thought of clarify with you, I cannot copy the entire comparison table here for your reference, Just i copied for your view

    Scheme Franklin India Bluechip Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund
    Fund Class Large Cap Diversified Equity

  5. Dear Dev, I think you are confusing a bit between Large cap & Eq. diversified funds. Actually all Eq. funds are diversified funds. I assume you are asking for Large cap v/s Multicap fund.

    Well both are good. The only difference lies in the fact that there is a concentration of large cap stocks in a large cap funds whereas in a multicap fund, there can be midcap as well as small cap also.



  6. Dear Dev, please invest the lump sum amount also in the same funds & in one go. Regarding the classicication of funds into different categories, there are various sites & their own yardsticks. So chose on your own.

    For the 2 funds selected by you – I’m investing my own money.

    Should I say more?



    1. Dev says:

      Thanks ashal . No doubt about the funds,

      Just to clarify myself between Large cap and Diversified EQ funds. i was raised the query .

      Because when i read multiple websites about MF investments, most of the recommendations are about Diversified funds. So i was eager to know is there any big difference exist between these 2 classifications in terms of investment strategy and any other factor which was not understood by the first time investor like me.

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