Best way to save and invest for my daughter?

POSTED BY rajat ON March 9, 2011 11:30 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi guys, I want to save and invest for my 6 months baby, please tell me how should I go about it, are child plans of any use or should I go for a mixture of MF and FD. I want to amass a good amount for her education and marriage.

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  1. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Rajat, I admire your care for your D’ter. At the same time, read following article by Manish.

    Regarding investing for the desired Goal, I’ll ask you tp pin point a figure in current value say 10L Rs. in today’s value are sufficient for the Goal. Calculate a future value for the increase due to Inflation. Say the inflation adjusted figure comes out around 50L Rs.

    Now you have target amount of 50L Rs. Time to remain invested around 20Y.

    The only thing which you ‘ll need to know ‘ll be the risk tolerance of your own. Based upon your risk taking abilities, you may opt a variety of instruments like PPF, Bank FDs, Debt MFs, Hybrid MFs, Eq. MFs.

    In case of Child ULIP, opt to invest only if you are not disciplined enough to incest & check regularly on your own.



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