Best way to invest Rs 50,000 per month for a 30 yr old ?

POSTED BY Nilesh ON November 22, 2013 11:25 pm COMMENTS (18)

Hi there,

Can some one plz help me to choose right investment option as i am confused with many different one. I can invest 50,000 rs per month and  i am 30 years old male.

Thank you very much for reading my question.

Many thanks


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  1. rahul123 says:


    It is good that you understood this…more returns means more risk….

    And hence in order to meet financial goals we should plan in advance.


  2. rahul123 says:

    For such aggressive returns, you have to invest (or trade) into derivatives …(and that too in currency derivatives)

    But the problem here is that, you may lose almost 100% of your capital.


    1. Nilesh says:

      hi Rahul, Thanks for your suggestion. I have done that last year and its not reliable investment if you dont know about forex market its 100% risky.


  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Nilesh, 30% return in 1.5Y? May GOD bless you in your inverstment. I can not offer a solution for your thinking.



    1. Nilesh says:

      Thanks Ashal, That’s ok.

  4. Nilesh says:

    Hi Rahul, Anusuk, Ashal

    Thank you all for your efforts.

    Right now I have short goal which is, I need 10,00,000 rs in next 1.5 years(18months).
    I can invest monthly to get maximum returns like 30% or more.

    What short of investment shold i go for, Please hlep me.

    Many Thanks

  5. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Anshuk, PPF is not part of Debt in tghe portfolio? Why FDs alone in portfolio for debt? What about tax treatment for FDs over debt funds?



  6. Anshuk Jain says:

    Check if you have enough insurance; only buy term if you need more.. Put 6 months expenses in emergency fund, then max out your PPF. For the remaining amount, decide a ratio of equity vs debt that you are comfortable with.. for debt; go for FDs; for equity go for MFs..

  7. rahul123 says:


    As pointed by Ashal, you have to set goals….So that when you want to achieve it you can spend the earned money…as you have set a single goal of maximizing the returns, it doesn’t covey anything.

    Let me help you in setting your goal, generally one will require money for following thgngs in life
    1. His marriage
    2. House
    3. Car
    4. Medical expenses
    5. life insurance
    6. Children’s education
    7. children’g marriage
    8. fixed source of income to cover expenses during retirement years
    9. Emergency fund

    Everybody has different aspiration/ lifestyle, hence the cost against these common items will vary. Hence it is important to know at what time interval, which amount you require… and you have to start investing accordingly.


  8. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Nilesh, please decide your AIM. Why do you want to invest? What is your goal? How much money you need for that goal in future? Then only you can answer yourself, where you should invest and how much?



  9. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Nilesh, you need to seriously think inside yourwself. You want to invest Aimlessly. Nobody can answer you in such situation? How much is too much for you? What is God return for you? You are making the classic mistake of treating LIC policies as a good investment vehicle. Should I ad more?



    1. Nilesh says:

      HI Ahsal,

      Ya you right it’s kind of aimless, I will drop LIC then and Could you able to show me some investment stratagies plz ?


  10. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Nilesh, so taking clue from your reply, here is my take for you, first decide your goal. Why are you investing at all? What is the time frame for your goal? How much risk can you take for your Goal? Based upon your answers fopr the above, whart should be the return to reach that Goal?

    Then only comes the question – Where should I invest?

    Hope I’m able to answer your basic query with my counter queries.



    1. Nilesh says:

      Dear Ashal,

      Thanks for workig hard on my quiries, My goal is to get maximum return it doesn’t matter for me if it takes long time or short time.

      — I dont want to invest big chunk in one thing, I would go for 1) Property investment, 2) FD for safe returns, 3) MF for high returns, 4) 3 different LIC for family individuals like me, my wife and my little son.

      — Time frame could be the next 5years to 20 years.
      — For risky investment i can invest 1,00,000rs per year if I get on better with this in future i can put more money in.

      I hope this will help you, plz ask if you want know more.

      Appriciate for your time Ashal.


  11. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Nilesh, if you are on a railway station, w’d you purchase the ticket without informing your destination?



    1. Nilesh says:

      Hi Ashal,

      Thank you for your reply, no hell no i wouldn’t do that if I have no information and thats what I am curiously trying for my investments.

      I have done some of my search on this forum after i posted my sencond reply and its showing me strong signals towards the MF.

      Will see as I am still not sure for action, Pls advise me with your expertise.

      Many thanks

  12. rahul123 says:

    As usual we require more information before we answer this.

    Please note down following items on paper-

    1. Your assets (Investments/EPF/PPF/Stocks/MF/Gold/Cash/FD/RD/Equity) etc.

    2. Your liabilities (loans/ Credit card 0/s etc)

    3. Your short term/long term goals (Financial goal and personal goal as well).

    After this information we will be able to look at that 50000 , which you want to invest.


    1. npatel_au says:

      Hi Rahul,

      Thanks heaps for your time you have spent on my question.

      Following are my Investments for now:-

      — I had bought Reliance Industires shares 6 years ago and it wasn’t good decision as i haven’t got any good retruns on them since then. but its just little investment so its ok I might sell them in near future.

      — In 2011 I had also bought up a property which is worth 25% more as of now so I am happy with that.

      —- Luckily I don’t have any debt or liabilities on me, my credit card is also up to date and no any loan.

      —As you have asked me for long or short term……
      ……….for me it doesn’t matter as long I get strong and reliable returns on my investments.

      So that’s all, I would be more then happy if you need more details.

      I look forward for your valuable reply.


      Best Regards,

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