Best way of getting lifelong fixed money returns (like pension)

POSTED BY Eswar ON November 1, 2011 12:56 pm COMMENTS (4)

I am Eswar of age 30years, working in an MNC. I came across this site and it helped me a lot to understand the financial concepts. I really appreciate and thankful to your effort.
My wish is to get fixed amount of money every year life long after some years of investment (like pension). Below is my plan that I want to be reviewed by you.I will invest nearly 100000/- in some deposit for 8 years hoping it will double the amount in 8 years(Need to check if this is possible( nearly 9% interest). Suggest me if you have any best plan to double the amount in minimum possible years, with zero/less risk). I will continue to invest the same amount of 100000/- in each of 8 years. in the ninth year, the first installment will get double, so out of 200000/-, I will withdraw 100000/- and will deposit another 100000/- back. next year 2nd installment will get matured. This way, i will get every year 100000/- for my needs life long. If required I can break the loop if situation demands.
Here are my queries.
1. Is there any other plans that meet my requirements? suggest me best bank deposts or schemes to double the amount.
2.Will the retirement plans give better returns than this?
3.If I opt for fixed deposit plan, so the interest is taxable, so it takes more time to double it. Any other plan that don’t have tax?
4. In this I have to bare the burden of opening the deposit every year and withdraw after 8 years. I heard there is a similar plan in state bank will do this for us. Let me know if any possibilities of avoiding this.
I am eagerly waiting for any responses.

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  1. Shailesh Khandekar says:

    What should be benchmark for SIP

  2. kalyan says:


    See if this can help you, you can decide based on your risk appetite.
    I feel at the age of 30 taking risk is good, i know its purely personal.

    Keep researching and understanding such plans may be you can tailor your plan in a better way.

  3. TheZionView says:


    It is good that you are planning for retirement(in your words pension). With Age at your side ie around 25 years of work life,the idea you have proposed will not work out for you.

    The reason being for there is exist a Monster called Inflation. There are many existing investment instruments which can be used to implement your idea. But that will not serve your actual purpose.

    You should learn about inflation and how it will affect your future.Then plan for retirement accordingly. Educate yourself more by reading more articles before you make a move.

    1. Eswar says:


      Thank you for your time for the response. I agree with you that Inflation can impact if we consider this for retirement. I compared this plan with pension because it can give lifetime returns. But my intention is to get decent returns from minimum years of investment. Here I thought from 8th year on wards i can start receiving the money which can be used for my kid’s education, gold etc.. Please let me know your thoughts on this and suggest some plans that can meet my requirements.


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