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POSTED BY Prakash Babu ON November 17, 2012 5:15 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear Manish,

I am not aware of jagoinevster until a couple of days back. I really appreciate your work and curse my self not knowing about this site before.

I am feeling very shy and guilt to write to you that I dont know the difference about term policy, endowment policy and ulips….infact nobody explained me this till now.

I just got to know regarding the term policy after going through your blog.

Anyway better late than never, I am having 2 jeevan anand policies(i dont know both were same until i found couple of days back). My first policy was made in 2003 with premium of RS4030/- quarterly payment. It was lapsed due to non payment of premium last year due to my preoccupations. second policy was made in 2006 with premium of Rs36280/- yearly payment. it was still in force.

After going throughh your blog I decided to surrender these policies and take term policy.

Please guide me the surrendering procedure of these policies and also suggest me some good term policies.

Thanks in advance.



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  1. Your first policy is now in PAIP up state , where you will now get the paid premiums + any bonus on maturity . Your second policy is running, but suggestion is to also make it paid up if you dont want money at this moment , if you want to surrender it , just give a surrender letter to LIC office or send it by post to them !


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