Best Term Plan For 36Years Aged..

POSTED BY Ramprasad ON November 27, 2012 11:44 am COMMENTS (3)


My brother is planing to go for Term plan for 25Lacs. I have shortlisted 2 Service providers

1. Aegon Religare – iTerm Plan

2. SBI Life – Smart Shield

Please guide me in this regard n review about these companies. Any suggestions regarding new Service providers also welcome.

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  1. praveen says:

    I have been through this blog to find out best term insurance plan after spending good amount of reading I have finalized with Aviva I life and happy with my decision so foar. it is one of cheapest term plan in the market. So far I would say that my experience is very good and policy will be issued shortly under MWPA ( refer to below link for more details on MWPA). I would recommend AVIVA with my experience with them.

    Praveen C

  2. LIC term plan is coming from last 1 yrs , so better not wait for it .

    I would suggest going ahead with Kotak or Aviva or HDFC , however that does not mean there there is any issue with other companies,. If you give all the info properly, there is no issues !

  3. Raj says:

    Somewhere in this forum I read term plan from LIC is coming soon. Personally I have plan from Kotak and entire process went very well.

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