Best SIP funds for 3 year horizon

POSTED BY Mohan Kishor ON March 7, 2011 2:46 pm COMMENTS (2)

Please suggest any two or three best mutual fund schemes for investing as SIP for an amount of Rs.10k per month for 3 year horizon. Exactly after three years I will need this fund for downpayment of my second car.

Should i invest in Large cap/mid cap/small cap/aggressive funds/ or a mix of these. I have a moderate to high risk apetite. but not very high….


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  1. Mohan

    I would say you go for pure debt funds or at max balanced funds . Dont go for pure equity funds as they might not help you get the total sum at the end of 3rd year . anything below 5 yrs should be considered high risk .


  2. rakesh says:


    Incase of moderate to high risk you can split your investments in below funds –

    DSP Eq. fund.
    HDFC Eq. fund
    ICICI pru discovery fund
    Reliance Eq. opportunity fund.


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