best short term mutual funds

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   Could anyone suggest which mutual funds should one buy with short term (1-2 yrs), high return goals in mind, preferably through an SIP? Which mutual funds are the best to buy right now?

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  1. Ramesh says:

    So many contradictions are there in your statements:

    1. short-term with high returns, with possibly no extension allowed = Not possible in this world.
    2. “do not trust such medium for making money”. Is this mistrust for stocks and Ulips only? Reason for that? Is it against equities in general or only to those 2 things?
    3. I fail to understand why a young 22 year old without any financial dependents should take any insurance cover. And that too an endowment policy. 🙁

    Obviously, you need more knowledge.

    The only “risk-free” “high-return” investment today is fixed deposit in banks with recently increased deposit rates.

    1. Chirag Shetty says:

      @ Ramesh

      First of all i thank you for replying to my query. I would like to clarify with respect to the answers you have given.

      1. I’m not exactly looking for a ‘short-term with high returns’ investment option. But I could rather see my money grow somewhere in the duration of 1-2 yrs to help my objectives rather than keeping it idle (but which provides a better return compared to my existing investments) and hence I needed your suggestion regarding this.

      2. I said so about stocks and ULIP’s since I dont’ve much knowledge when it comes to these media of investments. How they work and other stuff and so I want to distance myself from it. I didn’t want to hear ‘stocks’ as a ‘short-term with high returns’ option from any of the forum members so i clarified regarding it in the beginning itself.

      3. The life insurance was actually proposed by my dad and I didn’t’ve much knowledge back then. Now i feel term insurance would have been better. And I’m willing to change the structure of my investments if you could suggest me an appropriate solution.Thank You.

  2. Chirag Shetty says:


    I have posted my reply to the query asked by Mr.Jitendra and still haven’t got my reply after 4 days. But just to add the info i mentioned above I would like to provide more details about my current status and goals hoping it would attract some answers from the deemed experts.

    I’m a 22 year old guy working as a Software Engineer hoping to lead a comfortable lifestyle in the future by making some worthy investments now. Pursuing higher studies in foreign country is also a part of my plan which I intend to do within 1-2 yrs from now. Also I want to make some savings for the future after my studies in case of occasions like my marriage and any other luxuries/emergencies. I currently have a LIC policy (Jeevan Surabhi) of Rs.20k and I currently have an SIP of Rs.4k in HDFC Tax Saver. I intend to invest another 6-7k in any of the funds/policies in order to meet my short term and long term goals. So its my sincere request to the forum to make any appropriate suggestions/changes in order to meet my goals. Thank You.

  3. jitendra solanki says:


    First of all, before investing write down your goals before making any investment.what do you want to achieve with this investment? if after two years you need this corpus for you any financial goal then high returns cannot be possible.
    Also,SIP investment works in long term investment because it compounds your money.So think again, probably you will get the answer.

    1. Chirag Shetty says:


      Sorry for providing insufficient information since I’m a bit of an amateur when it comes to this. I’m a working professional and I’m planning for my higher studies within the next year or 2. I intend to invest part of my salary now so i could fund my education later even in the slightest way possible. I’m not much into stocks/ULIP’s since I practically don’t’ve much knowledge nor do i trust such medium of making money. I want to make a safe monthly investment of about Rs.3k-4k. And if not mutual funds then please suggest an appropriate alternative. Thank you.

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