best pension plan in india

POSTED BY vimal vinod singh bhadauria ON February 19, 2012 7:32 pm COMMENTS (8)

sir ,i want to which is best pension plan in the market . Which can give us atleast a fixed income at every month. Plz sugesst me.

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  1. amit says:

    please suggest me best pension plan right now , I m currently 37 years and want to work till 50. I can pay premium in a single payment as having additional cash right now. I need 50k month pension from age of 50 till death and to be continued with my spouse also. Do suggest the plan

    1. Hi Amit

      Please Get in touch with my team on this . Fill up

      They will help you to understand how to create a pension product!


  2. RetirementOnTrack says:

    There are many important aspects of retirement planning which sadly all companies are missing 1) three step accurate retirement calculator for finding out exact amount of corpus, inflation adjusted tax efficient withdrawal amount pm, & investment needed pm or per year or lump sum to achieve that withdrawals is first & foremost requirement.90% of calculator fails in giving right figures 2)proper asset allocation model is needed with proper research of schemes ideal for retirement savings parking has to be identified,no purchasing of ulips or otc kind high sounding mf schemes from desk of mutual fund advisor or bank HNI service desk is right way of investing for retirement .c) portfolio rebalancing is most critical in pre retirement phase which mitigates risk as the retirement age approaches.d) last but not least all withdrawals has to be inflation adjusted along with tax efficient,if retirement planning is missing these vital points, avoid them.visit

    well,article talks about retirement planning but fails to highlight several other key aspects which are equally important from retirement perspective,i.e.

    a) first & foremost a proper assessment of retirement needs has to be made keeping inflation into account ,for that a three step calculator is needed which gives three key parameters like monthly inflation adjusted withdrawals post retirement,corpus to sustain that withdrawal & monthly sip needed for achieving that withdrawal,

    (b)once all calculations are done then investments are made in portfolio based on asset allocation model & based on risk appetite , truly diversified,least expensive & also least volatile schemes has to be part of that portfolio,at least four or five good performing schemes of top rated fund houses will be right mix .

    (c)lastly portfolio has to be rebalanced every year to get optimum returns.Inthis way tax efficient retirement planning can be made.

  3. Dear Vimal, What I mean was, first of all please pin point a future income figure that you think ‘ll be sufficient for your retirement life. How to calculate it?

    It’s simple – Please inflate your current mly expenses by 7% till your age 70. For example if your current mly expenses @ 35 is 10K, next year i.e. age 36, the inflated mly expenses ‘ll be 10700.

    Please calculate on this way & prepare a table of the same in an exl. sheet on your pc.



  4. vimal vinod singh bhadauria says:

    that means 50k i am geting from agri. Should be invest in it totaly to acheive that one. Or what should i do???
    As you know my both childs at young age now upto next 10 yrs ,ihave low responcibilties to do any thing. Sir plz sugest me what kind of right way should opt.
    Thanks vimal

  5. Dear Vimal, You mean to say 30K pension amount ‘ll be enough for your requirements?

    Sample this – @ 7% inflation rate, the value of 30K in 2027 (@ your age 50) ‘ll be equal to today’s 15861 Rs. & the same ‘ll become 7500 Rs. in 2035 @ age 55.

    First think over it.



  6. vimal vinod singh bhadauria says:

    yes sir ,
    i wanted to get atleast 30k at the age of 50. I can invest 30k annualy for this. Rest you know very well about my investment.

  7. Dear Vimal, from your prev. query I know your current age is 35Y, now do tell me are you asking to get pension from next month or age 40 or 50 or 55 or 60? Also please do indicate how much pension you are looking at to receive as mly amount from your investments (please read it carefully, I have used the word investment & not pension plan)?.



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