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Am 29 years of age. I have been invests are in MFs, Stocks & in FDs. I have a LIC policy which is Jeevan anand which is for 25 yrs. I want to have a Pension plan now. Can any body suggest me best available Pension scheme apart from NPS. I guess NPS is at preliminary stage. so may take time to come to some good conclusion.

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  1. Just go for SIP in equity diversified mutual funds, debt fund & Gold ETF. Be a disciplined investor and you’ll create wealth over a period of time. The % of allocation will depend upon your age, risk-appetite, amount, assets, liabilities & existing portfolio. Discuss the same with your financial planner.

    Hope it will help you.

  2. venkatesh says:

    Term Plan + MFs (Equity + Debt) are best combination for planning retirement

  3. Hemant B says:

    Hi Sai,

    Manish may be feeling hurt by your question as every Jagoinvestor reader know that insurance should not be mixed with investment.

  4. Milind Kotibhaskar says:

    Dear Sai,

    If you are a conservative investor, NPS would be a good option for you. NPS has maximum 50 % equity exposure and that too in Index stocks. This makes it a safe investment option ( and it has very low cost ). Though you may not get mind boggling returns, you will get decent returns. And NPS is not at preliminary stage, it is a well matured product. Only problem with NPS is as on today, it does not have ECS facility, so you have to go the PoP every time you want to invest. Another issue is, you can withdraw money only when you become 60 years old.

    If you are an aggressive investor, look for a good Pension plan. You will get good returns over a period of 25~30 years.

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