Best option to invest in Gold?

POSTED BY Chetan Ambi ON March 17, 2013 7:22 pm COMMENTS (4)


I had planned to invest in Gold but still I am not able to make final decision on where to buy gold. I want to invest in Gold for my marriage (in 2 years) and also for my sister’s marriage (after 10 years). I don’t have any demat account as of now. Which is the best option to invest considering all type of charges levied (maintenance charges, Brokerage charges etc). Physical Gold or e-Gold or Gold ETF or Gold MF?


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  1. Dear Chetan, please read my reply in the link shared by dear FFC. for 2Y term a simple product like bank RD ‘ll also do. Say your target is 2L Rs. Gold in 2Y, invest accordingly.

    But please, please, please for your own good, Nike. Just do it.



  2. Chetan Ambi says:

    It’s not like over thinking about investments. But its hard earned money. So want to be very careful while selecting investment option. Thanks a lot FFC!!. I will buy from the jeweler for my marriage. But what about long term investment in Gold, for 10 years or so? Which is good option.

    1. Long term investments should only be done (if done at all: most value investors including the gentleman in your (current) profile picture dislike gold) for diversification and not more than about 10% and only by ETFs because of similar taxation as debt funds.

      All our money is hard earned. The cost of inaction is more than the cost of investing in a supposedly less than optimal investment.

  3. I thought Ashal gave you a good answer

    For a goal two years away if you want physical gold you are better of simply buying it from a jeweler. Else a simpler option is a bank RD. You are overthinking your investments. This leads to uncertainty . This is as bad as someone who doesn’t read about anything.

    As Ashal would say ‘Just do it’!

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