Best mutual fund to invest thru in Mid and Small Caps-Equity for 10+ years

POSTED BY finnaive ON March 6, 2013 4:01 pm COMMENTS (4)

Dear All

I am looking to start a SIP thru a good mutual fund in equity-mid & small caps for longer terms (10years+). Can you pls share your thoughts on what could be a good fund to invest? I have currently zeroed in

1) IDFC Premier Equity Plan A -Growth

Any insight is appreciated.

Thanks, Finnaive

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  1. shiraz lakhani says:

    Hi, IDFC Premier Eqty Plan -A is a good fund. However keep a track of it every 6 months to gauge the performance. Its better to go for one fund in Mid-Small cap, otherwise their investment objectives will overlap each other.

  2. Dear finnaive, HDFC midcap opp. & IPru Discovery may be looked at.



  3. finnaive says:

    Dear Ashal
    Of course, no one can guarantee the fund performance in future. Period check and action is definitely required.

    My question was more on – are there any other fund in the same category I should look into/review.


  4. Dear Finnaive, past was also future once upon a time. So the current fund performance may not be the same after your entry point in any fund. I’m discussing it in general not limiting to -your chosen fund alone. -If you think the fund is good for you, please invest but do check the performance after every 18-24 months. At the time of review, if a corrective action is required, take it.



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