Best MF SIP to Invest for next 3 Years?

POSTED BY Ujjwal27 ON February 6, 2015 9:49 am COMMENTS (5)

Hi , I am planning to invest 35000 Rs per Month in Mutual Fund SIP. Please tell what are the good funds available in Market to gain maximum advantage. Also I would like to have ELSS Fund in my Mutual Fund Portfolio. My Goal is to create Money for the Down Payment for the House/Flat. I am aiming to Have 20 Lakh by the end of these 3 Year.

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  1. Nitish says:

    Hi sir i am the new investor and i want to invest Rs 5000 per month in sip for 5 years.please suggest me which is the best sip for me to give high return at the end of 5 years?

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  2. Ujjwal27 says:

    Let me be clear , I don’t want to invest entire 35,000 in ELSS Scheme. I want to Invest 3,000 rs for ELSS and rest 32,000 For any Mutual Fund Schemes. SO I would like to Know the best mutual funds schemes to Invest 32,00 rs so that i would get around 15,00,00 rs By the end of 3rd year.

    1. Hemanth says:

      Manish has just illustrated that to reach your target, you must get XIRR of 32%…. In my opinion, in the next 3 years reaching this is impossible…. Also, you might loose money if you invest for short terms of 2-3 years in high risky equity mutual funds.

  3. You will be investing Rs 35,000 per month for 3 yrs in ELSS and you want 20 lacs by the end of it . Here you need to look at 2 things very carefully

    1. You need 32% return on consistent basis

    If I do a XIRR analysis, what you want is possible only if you get 32% return on annual basis and that looks a little on higher side from equity markets at the moment considering the run up has already happened so much in last 2 yrs . I think its a bit unrealistic to expect that. I think on the other hand you should expect not more than just 10-12% from markets in next 3 yrs . Below is the XIRR analysis cut paste from the excel sheet

    01-01-2010 -35000
    01-02-2010 -35000
    01-03-2010 -35000
    01-04-2010 -35000
    01-05-2010 -35000
    01-06-2010 -35000
    01-07-2010 -35000
    01-08-2010 -35000
    01-09-2010 -35000
    01-10-2010 -35000
    01-11-2010 -35000
    01-12-2010 -35000
    01-01-2011 -35000
    01-02-2011 -35000
    01-03-2011 -35000
    01-04-2011 -35000
    01-05-2011 -35000
    01-06-2011 -35000
    01-07-2011 -35000
    01-08-2011 -35000
    01-09-2011 -35000
    01-10-2011 -35000
    01-11-2011 -35000
    01-12-2011 -35000
    01-01-2012 -35000
    01-02-2012 -35000
    01-03-2012 -35000
    01-04-2012 -35000
    01-05-2012 -35000
    01-06-2012 -35000
    01-07-2012 -35000
    01-08-2012 -35000
    01-09-2012 -35000
    01-10-2012 -35000
    01-11-2012 -35000
    01-12-2012 -35000
    01-01-2013 2000000
    XIRR = 32.31%

    To learn more about XIRR , see

    2. When you invest for 36 months in ELSS, each payment will get locked for next 36 months. so you cant get the full amount after 36 months . Please be clear on this point . I think the best you can do right now is invest in ELSS 50% part with moderate expectations and rest in a Debt fund and have a 4-5 yrs of view


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