Best MF OR Equities to invest with good return in Long-term

POSTED BY VinManHBK007 ON December 24, 2011 1:37 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hello Experts,
Ready Cash Available as of today = Rs. 50,000 /-
Monthly Cash available in next 12 months = Rs. 5000
Observing current market trend, I have an intention to park the above mentioned resources in good MF instrument or Equity Shares.
Your valuable advise will help to invest in an alert manner.
Thanks & Regards

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  1. Dear Vinay, first ask yourself, Do you want to invest just due to current low prices/NAVs or for a serious long term wealth?

    If it’s merely for speculation purpose to test the waters for next 12-24 months. Well to me it’s a sure shot recipe to disaster. In case you want to invest for long term say 10+ years & that too linked with your some goals, it’s advisable to invest.

    You may start by investing 10K mly into HDFC Top 200 from that lump sum amount of 50K. You may also initiate a SIP of 5K Rs. into Quantum Long Term Eq. fund for next 12 months.



  2. says:

    I hope HDFC Top 200 would be the right fund to invest the lumpsum and SIP.
    All the Best
    Thanks, KK Babu

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