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POSTED BY Muthu ON January 9, 2012 5:10 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi All,
I m planning to avail a Home loan for 25 lacs from HDFC Bank (Current Floating rate is 10.5%). People suggest me to go for Axis bank/SBI/LIC housing. But considering HDFC’s customer service and speed I m vouching for HDFC. Am I going for the right option?

Also, once I avail 25 lacs now and if I go for another new property, how will my eligibility gets calculated? Again 85% of the property cost or will it be lesser?


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  1. Dominic Prakash says:

    I would like to second Ashal’s suggestion. Few banks have got such loans. They dont market it much. It will reduce your total term.

  2. Dear Muthu, I’m giving you an example for your 2nd Loan eligibility. Say your net mly income is 75000 Rs. & your existing loan EMIs (including Car & home & any other loan) are 32K.

    In this case 50% of 75K = 37500 Rs. & accordingly the new loan eligibility ‘ll be reduced to an EMI of some 5500 Rs.



  3. Dear Muthu, If you are ready to accept, please go ahead & opt for SBI’s Max Gain home loan. The basic interest rate is same but benefits in terms of channeling your idle money & thus reducing interest pay out & over all ease of working with a PSU bank are there.

    For more info on this SBI Max Gain product, please visit the nearest branch of SBI or simply google it.

    If you are going to purchase another property in future, the loan eligibility ‘ll depend upon the EMI to NMI ratio.

    Your Total EMIs should not be more than 45 to 50% of your net cash mly income.



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