Best funds to invest for long term goals

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“I am 30, married and have a one year old child.
I have the below listed long term goals for which I am planning to start SIP.

Kindly let me know the monthly SIP amount and the funds in which I should invest to attain the goals.

Also kindly advise if its ok to start new SIPs in the current volatile market scenario.

1. Daughter’s education/Amount 25 lakh/ Years to achieve target-17yrs
2. Daughter’s marriage /Amount 25 lakh/ Years to achieve target-24yrs
3. Retirement /Amount 4 crore/ Years to achieve target-25yrs

Thanks in advance.
Kindly reply as it would help me to decide on the funds.”

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  1. Joann says:

    Can somebody please reply to my query. I have provided details as asked for by Ashal. Kindly provide me th fund name and the sip amount to start sip.
    Thanks in advance for taking out your valueable time to reply to my query.

  2. Krishna Kishore Appala says:

    Hi Joann ,

    Apart from the information needed by Ashal to provide you with appropriate planning.

    I will state some of the best long term SIP’s currently in the market.

    To achieve your goal go with not more that 2-3 SIP’s

    It can be from

    1) HDFC Top 200
    2) Franklin India Blue Chip
    3) Quantum Long Term Equity

    Since you have 24 more years in hand you can choose one Mid-small cap fund , which deliver high returns when comapred to large cap funds in long term.

    4) IDFC Premier equity (Mid-small cap)

    To answer you another question.

    Yes , start now .

    Because SIP’s will always deliver good returns in volatile markets only (since it has the power of averaging)

    Dear Ashal will provide you more on this.

    Happy Investing 🙂

    Thanks and Regards
    Krishna Kishore Appala

  3. Dear Jonam, what about your current salary, spouse’s income, loan liabilities, emergency funds, other assets & investments as on date, current living expenses, Insurance, ……………?



    1. Joann says:

      Hi Ashal,

      Our joint salary is around 1.2 lac/pm. Monthly expenses are around 70-75k. We have a home loan for 12 lakh. Other investments include Fixed deposits of around 5 lac, monthly investment in gold for 5000. Have around 1 lakh in Mutual funds which were invested some years back. Emergency fund is around 2 lakh in Saving account We have a family floater Mediclaim from Star health for 5 lakh. On insurance part, I have taken a term insurance for 15 lakh. Husband is yet to take

      1. Dear Joann, For the combined salary of 1.2L Rs. & the mly expenses of 70-75K Rs. do you feel 2L Rs. emergency fund is enough. May I know the purpose of that 5L FD? Is it for any specific goal or just for sake of investing?

        In my opinion, please treaty this FD for Emergency fund along with the other 2L Rs. you are having.

        Next in line, based upon the salary of each of you, there should be a term cover of at least 10 times of yly income. So for 1.2L Rs. combined salary, the combined term cover comes out around 1.2C.

        Regarding the funds’ for you – I w’d like you to invest only in following 2 funds.

        Franklin India Bluechip Growth option – Invest 15K mly

        Quantum Long Term Eq. Growth option – Invest 15K mly

        In future as & when, you have some more room to invest, increase your mly amount.



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