Basic Info Required regarding trading in Equity Shares

POSTED BY GagandeepGupta ON December 3, 2012 5:24 pm COMMENTS (6)

Dear Investors,


I am planning to start investment in Equity Shares..  Request you to please suggest me on:

How to choose the share?

what basic steps (Do’s/Dont’s) need to be taken care of?

Long Term/short Term, which is better?

How the performance can be reviewed? (Methods, formulaes etc)

How much amount is okay to start with?


It would be very helpful.




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  1. TheZionView says:


    there are broadly two types of direct equity investors.

    i am no expert in trading but for investment and specifically value based investment you can visit and

  2. sunil says:

    You can consider visiting some websites or (FYI only)

    There are very good analysts helping people on learning etc etc..

    Kindly do not follow anyone blindly until you learn on your own.

  3. GagandeepGupta says:

    Thanks Ramesh and Free Financial Calculators…

    I have already invested in Mutual Funds as a start and now i want to invest in equity stocks..

    I understand that it needs a lot of understanding, Learning and Patience.. I just wanted to know the basic steps on how to start and build this understanding..

    Hope if it could help me..

  4. TheZionView says:

    Believe me its not a tough game as portrayed by many its actually simple.

    It just needs you to learn a lot
    Have a model
    Understand the business
    and pick the stock

    If you are looking for becoming over night or over 2-3 year big returns you sure will be disappointed

    There are books as menioned by ramesh and there are sites like which helps…it just helps but you have to do

    You will make loss in some or all of it in beginning you should be ready to pay the tution fee to market.But make sure you learn from the mistakes

  5. What you asking is the subject matter of tons of books and years of experience. If any experienced value investor can give buy recommendations to this query I will be happy to follow it!

    The first step would be invest in mutual funds to understand the movement of the stock market and read about value investing: which is to pick a strong stock when it is undervalued.

    It takes practice with several mistakes to do it.
    If you are willing to pay a free try
    they have nice free resources and a game to play and learn

  6. Ramesh says:

    Simple things to do:

    1. Read some of the recommended books like
    – The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
    – Peter Lynch’s books.
    – Four Pillars of Investing by Bernstein
    – The only 3 questions that count – ken fisher.

    2. Understand these books. Read up even more stuff from blogs, internet forums, etc.

    3. Invest through some virtual money for 2-3 years.

    4. Then see, if you really want to do all that on a consistent basis for all of your money, and does it really benefit you, as compared to any alternative.

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