bank seal on cheque deposit slip

POSTED BY nsabhyankar ON August 28, 2013 11:10 am COMMENTS (2)

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  1. Dear Nsabhayankar, please check the RBI circular & keep it’s copy with you. show it next time to the employee of the bank who is not co-operating.



  2. says:

    Now a days most of the banks have drop boxes for cheques.
    You are asked to drop the cheque in the box and the employees refuse to stamp the acknowledgement slip.

    However, sometimes a stamped acknowledgement is needed.
    Is there any rule / law / regulation which makes it mandatory for the bank to provide a stamp on the acknowledgement?

    You can get a seal in peace at your regular branch if you know the person behind the counter. However, it is not so easy at a new bank if the employees are adamant.

    Any tips on how to get a stamp on the acknowledgement if the bank employee simply refuses?

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