Bad Investment and Needs Your Advise on Good Investment

POSTED BY Venkat A ON February 28, 2013 12:45 pm COMMENTS (12)

Dear Manish

       I read your article on NAV..and now i feel

       I also fall in trap of agent who sold me ICICI Pinacle super with High NAV ..I bought this y’day with 60,000 as premium for next 5 you suggest me to stick for it or come out with some penny loss..?

If i come out of this..Can you suggest me on below..

I Would like to do investment of 60,000 which will give 80 C and 10(10 D) benefits? Please suggest me how to plan my investment? I Want to do this…just to save tax under 80C 

I Can take little or moderate not interested much into FD and PPF..

Waiting for your wise advise.





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  1. Dear VENKAT, than what about your other TAX saving options like PF, PF, Term Plan prem. Kid school fee, home loan principal repayment……?



  2. Venkat A says:

    I’ve Adequate term Plan Ashal!

  3. DEAR Venkat, what should I say for your sleep that you only now asking for tax saving investment. Regarding 10 (10) (D) is a maturity related tax benefit. I.e. at the time of maturity of your insurance policy your amount ‘ll be tax free.

    Do you have a term plan for financial security of your family? What ‘ll hapen to your family if you die today? Who ‘ll take care of your family in your absence? From where your family ‘ll arrange to fund all the expenses?

    Please answer the above questions.



  4. Venkat A says:

    Looks good to Cancel,since they hold 150 INR…

    Is there any other investment option other than PPF or FD which has double tax benefit ?

    Please suggest

    1. Cancel the policy and invest in Tax saving mutual funds. try Quantum Tax Saving fund

  5. Vineeth Govind says:

    i suggest you to go for PPF if you dont have one. Tension free investment for future 🙂

  6. Vineeth Govind says:

    hi Venkat, same thing happened to me as well.actually i visited icici bank to start tax saver FD, but somehow they cheated me and started ICICI Pinacle super. After reading the reviews,i felt it is not as good as we think, and i cancelled the policy within 15 days(cancellation is possible within 15 days from the date of issue). thay deducted 150 rupee from me and i got the 59850.
    later i started PPF account with state bank and invested this 60 K there.

    1. bidisha Dutta says:

      Hi vineet recently I was duped by ICICI just wanted to know if presence of the insurer is compulsory while cancelling the policy…any signature needed if I surrender it within free look period?

      1. bidisha Dutta says:

        I mean is presence of the policyholder needed while cancellation?

        1. Vineeth Govind says:

          Yes. they will ask to sign somewhere, carry one ID proof also.

          1. Vineeth Govind says:

            and carry original documents of the policy as well

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