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POSTED BY Vimal P N ON April 18, 2012 5:27 pm COMMENTS (11)

Hi every one,

I insured myself for 50lac sum assured with Aviva i term plan and received the policy documents few days back.
The document contains the communication address (which is my office address) and not my permanent address.
My permanent address is not mentioned anywhere in the document.
Is it OK not to have the permanent address in the policy document because this is the only proof what we have for the contract.

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  1. Vimal P N says:

    As suggested I mailed Aviva customer care regarding this and I got the following reply.

    Thank you for writing to Aviva Life Insurance.

    We would like to inform you that policy document is printed on a standard format in which we do not mentioned permanent address.

    Further, your permanenr address is updated in our records as filled in proposal form.

    We would like to inform you that we are forwarding your feedback to the concern department so that corrective measures are taken to improve customer services in future.

    Further, in case if you want to update your permanent address as correspondent address kindly confirm.

    We would like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you.

    Yours sincerely,

  2. Vimal P N says:

    I have mentioned the permanent address in the first application which was made online. Also I have given the proof for the same. Any way I ll mail Aviva asking a clarification on this.

    But I am interested to know the experience of some of you who already have a Aviva I term plan. Provided you gave a contact address different from your permanent address, which one appeared in your policy document??

    1. Dear Vimal, I recently purchased Aviva I-life for me. I gave both address, current one I’m living as well as my native.

      Just FYI – the address I’m currently I’m living in, is my own residence as I purchased the property with home loan & have no intention to sell it. I have no intention to change my current employer also. So to me or my family this permanent address is not an issue.



      1. Ramprakash says:

        Hi Ashal
        Can you share more details on your experience in dealing with Aviva.
        Like, if you paid the premium on x date, then after how many days did the medical take place. how many days of the medical test did you get the results. After how many days were you told that the premium has gone up due to wotever reason. What was the time given to you, by which you had to pay the difference of the new premium. After paying this amount, when did you get the policy documents? And what does the document say about the starting date of the policy? Is it the day you paid the first premium online or from the day you paid the difference of the new premium or any other date?

        1. Dear Ramprakash, I’m trying to provide data as demanded by you.

          Date Action
          25/11/2011 I filled in the online application form but due to some problem in the site, could not pay prem. immediately
          27/11/2011 Finally paid the prem. online using my credit card & that too in the midnight time around 11-12 PM
          28/11/2011 Received confirmatory mail & sms for prem., call from Aviva
          29/11/2011 Got confirmation of the appointment with Medical Centre & that too for home visit as I had asked so (selection of medical centre was already done during application)
          01/12/2011 Medical team visited my house & done the needful, in between several times Aviva people mailed & called me for Dos & Don’ts for medical
          05/12/2011 Received mail from Aviva for detailed write up on my present health condition & some questionnaire for the same. Actually it was winter season & I was suffering with usual cough & cold but due to my job profile (remember I’m, a Chem. Engr. & work in a Chem. Factory)

          12/12/2011 a new appointment for detailed medical was fixed but this time I w’d have to go for medical test as X-Ray, PFT & some other tests were to be carried out.
          15/12/2011 Finally the so called detailed tests were done

          17/12/2011 received the confirmation that medical report is with Aviva.
          19/12/2011 got mail & was asked for a detailed questionnaire to be filled for my job profile & my own additions if i want to disclose. I done the needful
          21/12/2011 received the mail for loading up of prem. I mailed back & demanded the reason. Informed me about my health condition as well as the job profile. I accepted the same but demanded a reduction of sum assured from the original applied one.
          22/12/2011 Reduced sum assured as well as new extra prem. to be paid for was mailed to me
          24/12/2011 Contacted local branch office of Aviva & paid the extra prem.
          27/12/2011 Got the confirmation of receiving the prem. & the message that policy is in process
          05/01/2012 Finally received the message (mail + sms), that policy has been issued.

          12/01/2012 Received the policy docs at my house

          FYI – policy active date is 5th Jan 2012 & not the 27th Nov 2011 the original date when I paid the initial prem.

          Please feel free to ask if you need any clarification.



          1. Ramprakash says:

            Thanks Ashal for the detailed response. Actually I was not asking you to disclose the exact dates and personal health reasons for policy premium changes. I just wanted details in general form like day 1: paid online. day 5: medical test done. day 10: reports received by aviva. day 15 : raised the premium. day 20: paid higher premium. day 45: received policy.

            One question: How many days were you given to pay the excess new premium?

          2. Dear Ram Prakash, There was no such time limit but remember I was in the need of cover. So I paid it as early as possible.



  3. BanyanFA says:

    Considering these kind of documents have a long lasting impact, you should always have a permanent address on these policies.


  4. DP says:

    Dear Vimal, one tends to change job and it is always advisable to give permanent address.



  5. Dear Vimal, had you provided your permanent address proof at the time of purchasing the policy? If yes contact Aviva & they ‘ll do the needful.



  6. Ramesh says:

    Directly mail the aviva people, they will sort out the things / or explain.

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