Aviva i-life insurance! What to do now?

POSTED BY Ramprakash ON July 24, 2012 7:07 pm ONE COMMENT


About 4 months back I had bought a 1 cr. term insurance for 30 years from Aviva.
A week back I learnt that my uncle has been investing in my name in LIC Plan 112 (Jeevan Shree) details of which are as follows.
D.O.C is 2001.
Tenure = 20 year
Sum assured = 5 lac
Obviously, as I was unaware, I did not mention it while taking the Aviva term policy.
I have already sent a scanned copy of the LIC policy to Aviva Support to make a record of it but haven’t heard anything from them.

Now what should I do going forward?

Buy a new policy next year (when the time of paying premium is due) from some other insurance firm and ditch the current Aviva policy because there is a big question mark if Aviva would honour the claim should a need arise in future.

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  1. Dont panic. They will get back , remind them , they should accept your information and update your policy . Just talk to their customer care about it and why they have not replied back

    Tell your uncle , to tell you everything when they something on your name


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