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POSTED BY Vibhav Nayak ON November 20, 2012 10:31 am COMMENTS (3)

Dear Manish,

After reading your article “Why you should enable Auto Sweep in your
Bank Account” I have decided to convert my SBI Savings Account (Family
Joint) with Auto Sweep facility. For this I was searching on the SBI
site and came across 2 options from

1) Personal Banking>>Deposit Schemes>>Premium Savings Account
2) Personal Banking>>Deposit Schemes>>Savings Bank Account>>Savings Plus Account

I am actually confused between these two. As per your article, 2
things which are important are:
1) Min balance (For Premium Savings Account it is Nil, Savings Plus
Account it looks to be 5000)
2) Threshold limit

The various add-ons as per Premium Savings description, have actually
become Null and Void in todays scenario I believe, such as:
1) Anywhere Banking: Inter-core transactions will be allowed with 25%
concession in the prescribed service charges.
2) 50% concession in draft issue charges and cheque collection charges
3) TTs/ Bankers Cheques will be issued free (out of pocket expenses
for TTs will be recovered).
4) No service charges in respect of outward RTGS/ NEFT transactions.

Kindly advice if you can find suitable difference between Premium
Savings and Savings Plus Accounts and kindly guide as to which is more


3 replies on this article “Auto Sweep in SBI”

  1. What exactly is more important and requirement for you ?

    1. Vibhav Nayak says:

      You are right! I think Savings Plus account meets my requirement, and hence I should go with it rather than bother with the minute details.. Thanks Manish!

    2. Vibhav Nayak says:


      In this case, how will SBI deduct TDS on FD’s created under Auto-Sweep Facility? Whether they deduct TDS at the time of sweep-in (i.e at the time of withdrawing money from the account) or at the time of maturity?

      And if they deducted TDS, how will I know about this deduction?


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