Attesting annual Life certificates in respect of Pensioner drawing pension from PSB

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Every year in the month of November pensioners drawing their pension from Public sector Banks are required to Submit life certificates in support of  being alive to the date

Is it right on part of Bank to ask the pensioners concerned to produce such certificate signed by some other  authorities instead of attesting the same on their own after pensioner presents himself before them  along with pension papersand continue payment?

As per my understanding Bank being pension Disbursting authorities  in respect of pensioners drawing pension from their branch under PSB scheme, it is bank Manger who is to satisfy himself that pensioner is alive and certify the same and continue paying the pensioner. Am i right? If not is there any  RBI guide lines in this regard?

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Subhash, just like Treasury Officer, bank branch manager may certify the same.



  2. subhaschandrac says:

    but question is who has to attest it for authentication whether bank itself or some other public authorities?
    when pension is drawn from Treasuries directly it is prevalent that Treasury officer himself sign it after pensioner presents himself before him or his representative (in case pensioner is immovable due to sickness etc and cannot present himself) and also other authorities issue certificate when pensioner seeks to send it by post instead of presenting himself before Treasury Officer)

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Subhash, the Living certificate is required by the Govt. and hence bank is asking for it from you.



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