ATM Card for SBI MaxGain Account

POSTED BY Arun Gupta ON May 31, 2013 1:34 am COMMENTS (2)


I have taken a Home Loan with SBI MaxGain (OD) Account.

I understand that I can park my surplus funds to MaxGain (OD) Account in order to reduce the interest. However, I have some doubts/questions with regards to withdrawing the funds from it.

I contacted the branch for this, and they have issued a cheque of this OD Account, which is fine in the sense that I can use the cheques to pay to someone directly from the OD Account.

I have the following 2 questions:

1. I heard that an ATM can be issued for this SBI MaxGain Account, or my Saving Bank ATM can be linked to the OD account too, so that I can withdraw cash directly off OD Account.

2. I can see 2 Accounts in my net banking. But when I try to transfer funds, I can see only my Saving Bank Account in FROM section. That is, I can move/transfer the funds only from my Saving Bank a/c.

For these doubts, I contacted the customer care, but unfortunately they did not have any information regarding MaxGain.

Can I get the OD Account linked to my SB ATM Card so that I can withdraw cash directly from OD Account?

Can I have something done so that I can transfer the funds online, directly from OD A/c? If yes, what is the process of getting it done?


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  1. Dear Arun, please contact your loan serving branch to provide transaction rights within your existing netbanking rights (with your SB account). Once this is active, you ‘ll get 2 accounts SB & OD & use both to transfer money from.

    Regarding the ATM card, here again, please contact loan serving branch for linking of OD account to your existing ATM card.

    Just an added info, please do not use ATM card to withdraw money from non SBI ATM (while you are withdrawing from OD account), as no free transaction (first 5 are free for SB accounts) is here. The reason is 5 free transactions are for SB account & Max Gain account is not a SB account.



    1. Arun Gupta says:

      Dear Mr. Jauhari,

      Thanks for your response. You answer has been more than precise.

      Thanks for informing about the ATM transactions done at non-SBI ATM using my OD account.

      Arun Gupta

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