At last found best M.F with good performance and low expense ratio

POSTED BY Jeetu Ojha ON January 24, 2013 11:06 pm COMMENTS (11)

Hello Ashal and Manish 

after reading expense ratio from JI FORUM, i did little ground work regarding M.F ( large cap ) with decent low expense ratio

Quantum long term Equity growth have better returns and low expense ratio ( 1.25 )

but still confused with below mentioned M.F .. which one u prefer .. 

script name risk grade return grade ex ratio s.d Sharp ratio beta alpha r aquare
ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity Reg-G LOW HIGH 1.82 16.94 0.34 0.86 5.37 0.97
Quantum Long Term Equity-G below avg high 1.25 16.23 0.35 0.81 5.35 0.93

Tnks and Regards

Jeetu Ojha

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  1. Jeetu Ojha says:

    Hey Ashal

    I enrolled in Quantum long term equity growth fund thanks for helping me out .. 🙂

    Jeetu ojha

  2. Karthik says:

    by website, I meant the online facilities they provide for the investor

  3. Karthik says:

    And, one more important thing about QLTE fund.
    It is the only one open ended equity mutual fund from their fund house. (ignoring the ELSS fund- which is for tax purpose; and also ignoring the passive index ETF fund)

    So, they have a focussed approach on investors money. Being Multicap, they have a wide range of stocks to choose from.

    This is the main reason I chose Quantum AMC.

    One another thing. Their website is second to none of the other AMC websites.

    1. Just because QLTE is the only such fund from Quantum doesn’t ensure a focused approach. It will be managed by two guys one of who started out in 2011. Like every other fund the AUM are under their mercy.

      In fact HDFC equity and Top 200 direct plans will have an expense ratio very close to Quantums.

      for example: HDFC Top 200 1.78 -0.59 = 1.19 which will be less than QLTE!

  4. Jeetu Ojha says:


    So today is my day i think 😛

    Well i tried but my KYC not yet verified . i think i have to mail them ..

    Thanks and Regards
    Jeetu Ojha

    1. Ramesh says:

      Just to complete your information, QLTEF is a multi cap fund. Do not go by the temporary artificial classification and ratings of VRO or any other site.

      It is a good fund though. But do not expect any fund to remain miraculous all the time. Tone down your expectations. 😉

  5. Dear Jeetu, one more shocker for you. Quantum is the only AMC which is offering direct investing since it’s inception in 2006. SEBI started making it mandatory for all other AMCs just yet in 2012 & allowed since 2013, Jan.

    If your KYC is verified, you can start investing from today itself.



    1. That is interesting to hear abou Quantum Ashal. Do you mean the expense ratio was lower on Quantum DIRECTofferrings since 2006? I doubt.

      The reason I am asking is all my HDFC and Reliance MFs have all been DIRECT for many years now with the trail being pocketed by AMCs until 2012.

      1. Ramesh says:


        Their expense ratio was 1.50% previously. Then around 1.5-2 years ago, they decreased it to 1.25% on their own. So, their expense ratios have always reflected the benefit of Direct Investing and passed on to the investors and Not pocketed by the AMC.

        To be fair, the other AMCs could not have given the benefit, even if they wanted to, because of the cost structure and business model.

  6. Jeetu Ojha says:

    Hey Ashal tnks for the prompt reply ..

    I got the answer … 🙂

    and one more thing can i invest directly from their website ??

    Tnks and Regards
    Jeetu ojha

  7. Dear Jeetu, a little disclosure from my side.

    I’m investing my own money in Quantum Long Term Eq. fund.

    Should I say more?



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