Are there Funds of Funds in India?

POSTED BY Zaib ON February 9, 2011 3:08 pm COMMENTS (5)

Hi all,

Today I was going through the Wikipedia article on Mutual Fund and came across this section on Funds of Funds (FoF).

It seems a pretty good idea theoretically.

What I wanted to know is that, whether such schemes are available in India? And are they good or not?

Do enlighten me on this issue.



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  1. Jagadees says:

    The name of tat fund s quantum long term equity. Link for that question – http://localhost/jagoforum2/the-one-large-cap-fund/864/

    As i said there, Value based investing + Low churning of portfolio + Low expense ratio combination never fails/disappoints. Yeah its good fund for long term wealth building (this is the first fund i suggest for my friends to build their corpus for retirement). But no stock/fund can be invested and forget for 20 years. It needs periodic evaluation say atleast annually to see how the fund providing risk-adjusted returns, does manager follows the mandate or does he churns too much in search of high returns etc need to be done.


    1. Ram says:


      I agree that stocks and funds should be monitored regularly but if the conviction continues to fit, I’m hoping to leave it intact for even 20 years.

      Thanks Jagadees. Helpful inputs as always.


  2. Jagadees says:

    I know one such fund offering from quantum AMC – Quantum equity funds of funds which invests in HDFC equity, HDFC top 200, DSBPR equity and others. here is the link:

    But regarding the performance – as for as am concerned, i would say that any fund should have atleast 3-year trackrecord to evaluate its performance on its risk-adjusted returns, fund manager’s style, suitability in ur portfolio etc.


    1. Ram says:


      I think you had once even suggested another Quantum mutual fund in some other question. I remember you had said that that particular fund is focused on value investing and also that they do not churn their portfolio much and give time to companies held to flower (one important requirement for value investing).

      Could you please share the name of that fund again as I’m not able to find that question again now. Also, what is your opinion of that fund for someone who wants to invest and forget for 20-30 years?


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